Art as a kitchen inspiration

Where is the best place for artistic activity? Everywhere! Even in the kitchen. Surely cooking is kind of art. We can create splendid compositions on the plate, but also we can design artistically kitchen interior. We are able to form our kitchen by imagination…

Minimal art in the kitchen

Art can be part of the kitchen space. Simple forms (like square and rectangle) and use of one color (especially white, black, gray) can create a minimalistic and breathtaking space. Also, it’s worth noting, that minimalist design is simply so stylish these days.

We can easily emphasize its value by decoration, e.g. black and white picture or photography in large format. Minimalism isn’t about the total lack of decorative elements. This aesthetics is based on a careful choice of all forms in every detail.

Folk art in the kitchen

Kitchen furnished with natural wood? It’s also in vogue. Kitchen space inspired by classic design. We love the rustic arrangement. In the garden and in the kitchen. Wooden tables (created by hand) that are derived from folk art – are very popular in a contemporary kitchen space.

Small things have artistic meaning

On website we will find professional kitchen accessories, e.g. beautiful cutlery. But also we can browse through a designer collection of mugs. The limited Designer Collection line is an artistic combination of sophisticated form and the highest quality of bone china with themes from the works of the painter Gabriela Koronowska.

The motifs represent horses and nature and create a unique example of applied arts. Designer Collection products make great gifts for lovers of art and design. Artist uses oil paints, watercolors, and pastels in her work. The main theme in her art is the harmony between flora and fauna. Designer Collection products make great gifts for lovers of art and design.

Kitchen in vogue thanks to art

We can approach great art by applied arts. Interior design is strongly connected with artistic expression. Kitchen inspired by art will make a big impression on every guest. Kitchen interior will be in vogue thanks to art from around the world.