How long does the result of All-On-4 abroad last?

The length of the effects of all on 4 abroad belongs to the main concerns that people have about this procedure. All on 4 in Poland is an extremely long lasting system of a full jaw restoration treatment, hence many specialists refer to it as a life-time procedure. Your implants will last a lifetime, only the prosthetics might need some correction after 15-20 years! If you have any doubts, questions or concerns about your all on 4 in Poland, do not hesitate to ask our consultants!

What is all-on-4 abroad?

The all on 4 abroad treatment is a non-removable, permanent dental procedure which serves as a replacement for your upper and/or lower jaw. This treatment is dedicated mainly for people who suffer from teeth loss, bone loss or those who want to replace standard dentures with a more modern and durable system. All on 4 is based on 4 implants installed in each jaw. The angle between the implant and biting plate is between 30 and 45 degrees. The treatment is divided into 2 visits. On the first visit, the implants are installed. The time between the visits is called osseointegration and lasts 3-6 months. During the second visit, the dentist installs overdenture made of the material which you and your dentist will choose, e.g. porcelain or metal.

When should I consider having all-on-4 Poland?

In fact, there are no any specific medical indications for having all on 4 abroad. Poland can offer dental offices equipped with the most modern system of full jaw restoration, which guarantees the extremely high quality of the procedure. Thanks to all on 4 Poland you will smile, eat, and drink normally without any feeling of shame and without lasping. Your overdenture will look totally natural and you should take care of it as if you had your natural teeth. No specific care is needed, you ought to just clean your teeth at least twice a day and visit your dentist regularly at least once a year. All on 4 abroad will allow you to improve your confidence, attractiveness, and health.

How long does the all-on-4 abroad result last?

It might be surprising that dental implants are designed and made to last a lifetime. Dental implants are made of titanium, which itself is a life-lasting material. As long as you take care of your new teeth and follow the dentist’s instructions, attend regular check-ups, maintain good oral hygiene, you should not have any problems with your implants. It is also of uttermost importance to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. It would also help if you give up or significantly reduce smoking and drinking colored drinks.

Is there any guarantee provided after all-on-4 in Poland?

All on 4 in Poland has a lifetime guarantee. The treatment is performed by the experienced implantologists in a highly professional way. After the implantation is completed, the patients are given an implant passport, a special book containing all the details about the implants used for all on 4 abroad such as the type, size, brand and model of implants as well as implant installation date. There, you will also find information about the warranty. If anything happens, you may contact the manufacturer and you will be given a list of dental clinics and offices using this brand. Regarding prosthetic, every dentist gives individual warranty, the length of which depends mainly on the material used for overdentures. In general, such a warranty is 10-15 years. Do not forget to ask your dentist about the warranty time!

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