Linear drains instead of typical shower tray?

Linear drains are increasingly popular. Traditional shower trays impose some restrictions on us that we dispose of by using this solution. In today’s article you will learn the main advantages of linear outflows. We will also show you some specific manufacturers whose products you want to install in your bathroom.

Space planning

Shower trays limit our ability to plan cabin dimensions. So using a linear drain can be a great idea both in small bathrooms – when you want to save space and in the showers where the shower can be very large. The outflows vary in length and shape, and the dimensions of parts can be modified on a regular basis – so we should not have much trouble selecting the one that will fit our plans.

Coherent appearance and convenience

Waiting for the shower tray is at the same time resigning from the thresholds – entering and leaving the cabin we have nothing to stumble. Shower without shower tray is therefore safer and is usually also suitable for people who have mobility problems. Another advantage of the aesthetics of use is the ability to use the same tiles in the shower as on the rest of the bathroom floor. Thanks to this the bathroom becomes more elegant, optically gaining also the size. We can put under floor tiles under floor heating and then we have complete bathing comfort because we are not standing on the cold floor


One of the most frequently asked questions by people wondering about the installation of linear drains is the concern of maintenance and cleaning. The linear drainages of this kind are cleaned very easily – the decorative strip „does not resist” when removed, and the deposits accumulate in the mobile siphon. Keeping the cabin clean is also easier than with the shower trays – there are far fewer recesses in which sediment can accumulate.

The use of linear drainage gives very wide possibilities of designing the bathroom interior. These types of solutions are enjoying growing popularity, but nothing surprising. This is a very practical and modern solution that surpasses traditional shower trays in every way.

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