Modern cookware sets for your comfort

A set of sturdy pots is an inherent companion in the kitchen. The type of pots and pans has an enormous impact not only on the convenience of cooking, but also on the taste of food and hygiene in the kitchen. What set should I have in my kitchen to get the most pleasure from cooking? Check out our suggestions!

Stainless steel pots

Pots and pans made of stainless steel enjoy great popularity among amateurs and professionals. There are models made of metal of varying quality available on the market. Each piece of the set should be marked with a 18/0, 18/8 or 18/10. This means the average concentration of the basic elements used in the manufacture of the products, i.e. chromium and nickel. The first digit indicates the percentage of chromium, while the other is nickel. The rule is simple – the more nickel they have the cookware in their structure, the more they are scratch, tarnish and rusting resistant. In the kitchen, the dishes of the 18/10 steel are best suited. These pots and pans quickly heat up and keep the temperature long. What is important, you can safely wash them in the dishwasher and roast in the oven!

Modern cookware with non-stick coating

Lovers of low-calorie, healthy cuisine will certainly be interested in pots and pans covered with a non-stick layer. In the assortment of highly respected brands (for example on the website you will find a high quality cookware covered with a layer of ceramics – a natural, human-friendly substitute for Teflon. The main purpose of the ceramic coating is to minimize sticking dishes to the surface of the pot or frying pan. Thanks to the properties of the innovative coatings, the dishes are not burned, while they are more juicy, firm and more nutritious.