Modern showers

A shower without a shower tray is a modern, aesthetic and functional arrangement solution, however, in addition to aesthetics, also ensure high functionality, it is necessary to select the right point or line outflows, which is not a trivial matter.

Shower without shower tray and booth – basic information

The construction of a shower without a shower tray but with wet room kit is not complicated. The whole idea boils down to establishing the level of the wet zone at the height of the dry zone. In practice, of course, this is not tantamount to placing a shower at the height of the floor, because all insulation layers and drainage system occupy 10-15 centimeters, and it is not so much the shower tray lowers, how much raises its surroundings. Modern shower with wet room kit allows you to maximize the bathing space, because in this solution you can enclose the shower zone with a cabin of any size.

First of all, the work is best done before the floor is finished – thanks to this, all the elements of the wet room kits can be mounted freely and the whole will be as low as possible and thus maximum aesthetic. When showering on the floor, it is necessary to ensure a proper slope, thanks to which water will not collect in all parts of the floor. For the same purpose, appropriate point or line outflows should be used.

Spot or linear outflow?

The choice between point and line outflow is first of all a matter of individual aesthetic preferences. Floor drains of both types allow efficient drainage of water from the wet zone – the performance of both types of drains is up to 0.5 l / s. Small differences occur in drainage heights – center points are up to 62 mm high, corner points up to 66, and linear to 67 mm. Both linear and point drainage are self-cleaning dehumidifiers – if necessary, they can also be pushed with a spiral.

How to choose a linear drain?

As for the length, they do not have a key meaning when using the standard shower equipment. There is also no discretion as far as the material is concerned, because wet room kits linear drains are made of stainless steel, because only this material provides such high functional properties at a reasonable price. However, you have to answer one more question about which linear drain, with or without a flange, choose. Flanges are a special kind of seals that prevent leakage of water outside the drain. In practice, it is recommended to choose flanges with a collar, although in the case of higher-end products also outflows without a collar will provide the desired functionality. What matters more is height. The lowest linear drain has a height of about 67 mm – a low point outflow will be 5 mm less and this can determine the decision.

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