Popular shower drains

Blocked shower tray drainage, a problem that sooner or later will encounter every user. Fortunately, it is easy to clean the siphon. So what to do to get the siphon to the shower tray again?

Clogged shower drains

Locate the cause of the siphon occlusion is very easy. You need to remove the drain cover and you will usually find a reason for using it. But it’s not over yet. You should also pull out the siphon cartridge, because it also collects dirt. As far as possible, try to reach all corners of the drainage kit to select contaminants blocking the drainage.

How to pull off the shower drains?

A simple tool is useful for tracing the siphon of the shower tray. This is a piece of coarse wire from which a hook is formed. The wire should not be too rigid, and use it carefully so as not to damage the drain and shower tray.

Once all the dirt has been removed, replace the siphon cartridge and the cap and then unscrew the water to check the drainage. If the water flows well, the problem is resolved. However, if the water continues to accumulate in the shower tray, the drainage system should be cleaned.

Blocked pipes can be tried with a traditional rubber plunger. It can only be used in case of drainage in the floor. If the water outlet is in the side wall, the scraper will not perform its job.

Another idea is to clean the pipes. Everyone probably had contact with the popular chemical agent, which dissolves everything that is in the pipes. Its use requires caution because it is a corrosive agent.

With extreme congestion, a hydraulic spring is needed. It is a good idea to have a household appliance, but you can also use the help of a plumber. In this case, the thickness and length of the spring, which must be selected for the type of installation.

Clogged shower drain is a very serious problem. Increasingly, many people do not know how to repair this shower drain. Today, there are many home remedies that we can quickly fix. However, if we can not do it ourselves, it is worth calling the plumber.

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