Popular shower trays

In modern bathrooms, we often need non-standard solutions in terms of design, materials used, but also shapes and dimensions.

Advantages of linear drains

Shower trays available on the market are made mostly of acrylic, which is currently the most popular material. These shower trays are lightweight, pleasant to touch, easy to clean and available in many sizes and depths. Trays are also made of steel and „conglomerates”. Despite such a large selection in the dimensions, shapes and colors of shower trays, it is not always possible to adapt them to unique bathrooms based on an unusual plan and shower space, where linear drains are becoming a more and more popular alternative. Thanks to the use of such drains with a little imagination, each of us can design an unusual and unique shower cabin. The use of a wet room kit shower trays allows you to make a shower tray in any shape and size from ceramic, gres tiles, glass, ceramic, stone or stone mosaics. The use of the same materials to stick the shower tray on the floor in the rest of the bathroom will definitely enlarge it visually. Thanks to such a drainage bar, the entire shower tray structure is hidden in the floor or in the wall.

Isolation of a linear drain

Of course, when installing the linear drain, special attention should be paid to its proper insulation under tiles. Manufacturers of construction chemicals such as Sopro or Botament have in their offer all waterproofing systems: liquid foil, tapes facilitating the isolation of corners between the floor and walls, and flanges helping to isolate the linear drain itself. A very important element when filling a linear drain is to make slopes in the direction of the drain so that the water can flow freely towards the base.

Very often, shower cubicles are equipped with large-sized shower heads, and hence with a high water throughput. It is also necessary to pay attention to this element to select a wet room kit shower tray with a suitable flow so that it can receive a large amount of water. This will certainly prevent the bathroom being flooded.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of outflows in the commercial offer, and they are fixed permanently, it is very important to buy a good and reliable manufacturer’s product. When installing drains, pay attention to many aspects so that it fulfills its role and does not cause problems during its use. It is important to remember that the linear outlets should be installed by qualified specialists, so that we will avoid problems in the future.

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