The best wet room kits

There are many types of wet room kits on the market. The choice depends only on what we have needs and at what stage of life we ​​are. We advise which shower tray to choose to be perfect.

Tile shallow or deep?

If we are at the stage of choosing a shower tray for our shower cubicle, we have to be guided by the question of who will use it. Will it be older people or maybe we will want to wash a small child in it. When using the bathroom by the elderly, it is worth thinking about a shower tray up to 6 cm, preferably with a riffled bottom and non-slip surface. This solution will significantly simplify entering and exiting the booth, and it also looks modern and it is much easier to keep the shower tray clean.

Deep paddling ideally suited when we are freshly baked parents. This type is multi-functional, it can also be used to soak washing and wash larger items. In many deep models, we can see a seat that will appeal to people who like spending a lot of time in the shower and children. However, the seat takes up space, which is still small.

Modern solution for everyone

A modern solution, shallow floors are very nice for the eye, which allow you to install the shower cubicle directly on the floor. They are sealed products, easy to assemble and their profiling ensures the flow of water in the right direction. Installation of such a shower tray in a small bathroom will make it more spacious and modern.

What kind of wet room kits we choose depends only on us and the arrangement possibilities of our bathroom. In the case of small bathroom rooms, the choice of a semi-circular shower tray will be the right choice, due to its streamlined and soft shapes, which fits most interiors. We must be aware that not all semi-circular shower trays will fit into every cabin – its radius is the key parameter. Although it is standard and should fit, we recommend choosing a paddling pool and one company’s cabin. Such a set guarantees tightness and a perfect fit. The second type, which is recommended for small bathrooms, is a pentagonal shower tray. When we combine it with a pentagonal cabin, it will make the bathroom look original.

Rectangular and square wet room kit are larger, which gives us a better and more comfortable freedom of movement while bathing. An additional advantage is that they are more adjustable. Bathroom furniture is also easier to adjust to them. In the event of an element failure, it is easier to buy a broken wet room kit.

When deciding on asymmetric shower trays, remember that they usually have two versions: right and left. Hasty purchase can make the shower tray need replacing, which will extend the bathroom renovation time.