The most important tools for small business owners

Every small business owner looks for the most effective methods in creating and maintaining a successful business. You may have a great product or an amazing array of services, but without the right tools, you may be limiting your reach to potential clients. Here is a list of tools every aspiring small business owner should have if they are looking to see their business grow.

Fluency in social media

Business owners know their products and services better than anyone – but what they do not take into consideration is the change in marketing tactics with the rise of social media platforms. In the early 2000s, social media pages were just beginning to come to life and at the time, businesses continued using conventional means of getting their name out. Local newspaper ads, leaflets, word of mouth and business cards were the most popular forms of marketing at the time.

Although word of mouth is still a very effective means of marketing even today, it has become more potent via social media pages. Clients share their experiences with one of your products or services on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages, which the whole digital world can see and share. Encouraging clients to share their experiences on social media pages is a must if you are looking to promote your business in today’s day and age.

Effective client communication

Most business owners understand the importance of maintaining positive and lasting relations with clients. Asking them to visit again or to bring friends next time may be a smart move, but how effective is it in reality? More often than not, the client goes about their day and forgets to invite their friends to your business.

Small businesses are taking advantage of modern communication tools, such as email/text marketing systems, which significantly improve client to business communications. Telling customers about your latest offer is great encouragement for them to return, but by the time they get home, they have completely forgotten about it. Instead, email/text marketing systems send a message directly to clients with all relevant information.

Modern management solutions

In every industry, running a small business has its ups and downs – you love to tend to satisfied clients and watch your business grow, but you hate the end of the week stocktakes and calculating statistics. If you deal with this issue then you are probably used to spending long hours after work just trying to get your numbers right, or worse, you are paying someone to do this for you.

Paying an experienced person to work with your business statistics is not a bad idea, but keep in mind that they have access to most of your business information. A more secure alternative to this is introducing a business management system. Take for example your local barbershop – which has its fair share of expenditures, product sales, revenue calculations and much more. It would seem nearly impossible for the business to handle all of these numbers on its own, however, modern solutions such as barber software helps get the job done. A reliable system lets you generate reports with just the click of a button, as well as look into product levels and even staff work time reports. Best of all, such solutions allow you to stay in charge of your data without the need for third party involvement.