What about shower?

A shower without a shower tray is becoming an increasingly popular solution in many modern bathroom designs. This type of shower tempts with impressive looks and possibilities. What about any advantages of such solution?

The advantages of a shower with a wet room kit shower tray

The lack of shower tray linear drainage gives the bathroom a modern character and improves the comfort of using the shower. It is convenient especially for the elderly or disabled who makes it easier to get in and out of the bath without the risk of tripping. Another plus is the size – we decide on its size, because its dimensions are not limited by the shower tray. Spraying on tiles is also easy to keep clean. In turn, due to the proper assembly (drop in the floor) there is no risk that the bath will spill onto the floor during the bath.

More about drainage

Linear drainages are very popular among investors arranging their bathrooms. This solution is mainly chosen by people who want to arrange an elegant and functional interior. The linear drains give a great deal of freedom in arranging the bathroom space. Shower stall with linear drainage can be equipped with almost any cabin of any size and shape. Linear outlets are especially useful in walk-in cabins. Deciding to install a linear drain, we also gain more space in the bathroom. We can abandon the installation of traditional acrylic shower tray and shower cubicle. It allows you to arrange a shower even in very small bathrooms, in which you can not use a tray with traditional sizes. Another advantage of linear drains is the ease of keeping them clean. In contrast to traditional shower trays, no dirt and bacteria accumulate on their surface. Lack of thresholds and breakdowns makes it easier for disabled people to take a bath.

The linear wet room kit shower tray can be a slight accent of the bathroom arrangement or on the contrary can effectively decorate the interior, which can easily be achieved by changing the design or type of the cover. The assembly of the drain is not complicated – the set contains all the necessary elements together with assembly instructions. The surface of the drain is non-slip.

Choosing the right outflow is very important if we design a flat or a house from scratch. If, after preparing the connection for a point outflow we decide on a linear one, it may not be feasible. Therefore, before starting renovation works in the bathroom, you should prepare a good project and think about it twice. Especially in case of outflow kind.

Prepared in cooperation with wetroomsdesign.co.uk/wet-room-shower-trays.